Admission Process

Al-Taqwa Institute of Higher Education is the best choice for aspiring students of higher education; we support and guide you in any way in higher education, if you are interested in bachelor's or short-term programs, then search the Al-Taqwa services and make the best choice for your better and more secure future. Each year for the graduates of the 12th-grade high school and 14th-grade vocational institutes The entrance exams for the spring semester of the year are held in the months of March and April and the examinations for the fall semester are held in the months of September and October in the supplementary and general forms are taken, accordance to the rules and regulations of Ministry of Higher Education, National Examinations Authority and the internal procedures of the institution, only eligible students can take part in these examinations.

Students who are looking for admission to the Al-Taqwa Institute of Higher Education should submit their graduation certificates from the Ministry of Secondary and high school Education in addition to the following documents before taking the entrance exam.

  • 12th / 14th Grade Graduation Certificate
  • Identity Card (Tazkira)
  • Passport size four-piece photos
  • Passports and visas for foreign students
  • National Examination Authority Registration Form
  • Database Registration Form

The enrollment of new students is done through the Information and Registration Department under the control of the Student Affairs Office of the Institute, which conducts its activities in accordance with the Ministry of Higher Education and internal procedures. Written Forms, Documents Required for Registration, Control and Supervision of Online Student Enrollment, Recording of Student Information in the System, Distribution of Entrance Exam Cards, Discussion of Exam Time and Halls, Examination Liaison with pre-commencement students for taking the exams (in case of completion of the above mentioned) the registered students will be formally and electronically introduced to the concerned faculties after participating in the entrance exam, and have got the required marks for passing the exam.

Entrance Exam Brief:

Spring Entrance Exam:    Month of March and April

Fall Entrance Exam:    Month of September and October
Total Questions for Entrance Exam:    180
 Total Marks for Entrance Exam:  360
 Passing Marks for Entrance Exam:  180

Before completing the application and all of the above, you should obtain the features and requirements of each program of Al-Taqwa Institute of Higher Education from the brochures and informational sections of the institution and study them carefully. Enrollment conditions, successful interview conditions, detailed fee, and scholarship framework, four-year and short-term program curriculum, and other requirements for the related programs.


The online application form and portal are available on the website of the institute as well as from Al-Taqwa Higher Education Institute located in Gulai Araban area of Jalalabad city, 2nd Zone of Nangarhar province and you can submit it after filling. Includes your personal information, educational background, and program selection.